Saturday, November 14, 2009

FREEBIE - Mug Template

Well it is my Anniversary today... and it is always nice to make cards that are a little out of the norm isn't it!  I have made a really cute mug card that I will photograph tomorrow and put on here....

Anyway... here is another Freebie.. yep!  Another on... a Mug Template...

Please if you do take this template ... leave me a message and do nip back and show me what you have created with a link back to your blog.

Also if you do like my freebies.. maybe you would like to start following me :) Thanks and enjoy... oh and do check out my other freebies!

I just made an adjustment to this mug as I didn't like it lol.. but think it is better now!

1 comment:

Terry Oulboub said...

Jacqui, dearest, you are too clever for words - this is so awesome! I'm going to try this one too! :D I'll link back to your blog.

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