Friday, November 13, 2009

Deflated :((

Well what a day... not sure I really want to be crafting anymore.. maybe a couple of days off and I will feel better.

Sometimes I wonder why we cross paths with some people.. and why we let them affect our lives so much... but this is life isn't it!  Life is odd how you can be so happy one moment and then not the next!  How we can be judged and yet not even known..... this is really sad... I know that none of you have any idea what I am prattling on about... maybe I am just really cross with myself for allowing someone who you think is nice to make snide remarks and basically make me out to be a bad person... and me not doing anything.. just goes to show.. I am not a mean person... what goes around comes around I guess...Karma they call it isn't it.... I am just so disappointed....

On a more cheery note.. got my daughter a couple of things towards her Christmas stocking today.... she never lets me down.. always has a smile.. I can't wait to see her soon.

Sorry all.. not normally feeling so miserable.. tomorrow is a new day isn't it!  

Be Happy Everyone.. cause you never know when someone is going to spoil it for you!

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