Thursday, November 5, 2009


How often have you made a card from blank card stock and not got a standard envelope to fit it?

I know with all the beautiful cards out there and the how to make this and that.. there are not many on how to make envelopes to fit the cards you do make.

So as I go through making my own blank envelopes to decorate.. I will do a write-up or "How to" for all the different sizes I do make.

All the folding on each envelope will be the same you just need the measurements for the paper and the size of paper.

I will start with....

18cm x 18 cm Card Envelope

You will need one sheet of A3 paper.  Up to you if it is patterned already.

Cut it into a 28 cm x 28 cm square.

Meansure 10 cms from each corner and score a straight line across.  So you will have now have your blank paper with 4 score lines.   In the centre of your paper you will see another square.

Get your scissors and cut out the end sections that cross over.

Fold and glue down.

C5 Envelope.

Again you need to cut your sheet into a 28 cm x 28 cm square.

Take your first two opposite corners and measure from the point 9 cm.

The other two opposite corners measure 12 cm from the corner point.

Then score along.  Cut out the cross over section, fold and glue.


I will put some photos in soon.... 

C6 Envelope 

1 A4 sheet of paper and cut to measure 21 cm x 21 cm

Take two opposite corners and measure 6.5 cms
The other two corners measure to 9.3 cm and score along.
Cut off the cross overs and fold .. glue.


Lining your envelope.   

It is really easy to line your envelope.  Find a paper that you like or if you have printed one off to put on  your card... why not print another off but in draft.

Measure the card and cut a sheet to the size of the inner part of the envelop and the envelope flap.  Lift the paper out slightly and cut around the flap.  Then slide back in and glue.  Then it is matching!


Easel Card Envelope.

I took a piece of paper.. then cut it to the size of 19 cm x 19 cm so that is 7. 8 inches square.

I measured from each corner 7.5 cm or 3 inches and then scored around each.  Cut off each cross over and then glued together.

It was a little bigger than the card, but great if you want to add things that go over the top to add extra dimension!


Want a way to seal your envelopes with out tape... use Lick and Stick .. it took me a while when I started crafting to find this stuff.. but is brilliant!  Make your envelope.. run this across the top of your envelope flap and leave to dry.. hey presto when you sell your card your customer can seal when they like.. just like a professionally made one!

  5 Inch Square Envelope

Grab your paper and cut it to the size of 21 cm x 21 cm that is 8.2 inches square

Measure from each corner 8.5 cm or 3.5 inchs and score along.  Cut out the cross overs, fold and glue!


Don't forget that your envelope is the first thing that people see.. so why not take the time to put some embellishment or matching paper or stamp on it.. It brings it all together and starts the surprise early


Don't forget to check out my tips page .. always looking for things to add so if you have any tips... please feel free to just add your own tip in the messages.  Also I have started to add sketches.

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