Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Although I have been away poorly (Chest infection now! cough cough lol ) etc... I have been thinking of you all and the fun you must all be having with the run up to Christmas and how much I have missed out on!

But with you all in mind... I wish you, your family and friends a Wonderful Christmas and a fantastic 2010!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


How bad have I been!  So much has been going on that I have not had any time to craft... maybe it is just that time of year!

I finally went out today to get some Christmas gifts... and I have spent the evening so far wrapping them up!  That is a chore in itself isn't it!

Well hopefully in the next day or two I will get a chance to get some crafting in as I have the MIL arriving Friday for the weekend... wish me luck!

Merry Christmas to one and all....

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Okay... I am sort of settled in now... and grrr I have a stinking cold... so which one of you lot gave it to me then lol....

Tomorrow is Sunday and I hope to get some crafting done...and catch up on some challenges....


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dad's Arrived!

Well my father has arrived safely and we have been out and stocked up on the wine to take back lol... I think I am mostly packed.. so travelling tomorrow evening!

Can't wait to get back to crafting next week and of course nipping around to you all to see what you have been creating ... soooo jealous that you can craft and mine is all packed up!

So ..  have a great weekend everyone and pray I don't forget some major crafting item and leave it here eeek!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

No crafting till next week doh!

That is it for me for this week and probably early next week.. packing up as much crafting stuff as I can to take with me... and I wish I had a Mary Poppins bag!

So I will look forward to next week to get back into all the challenges you all have running and if I get some time.. I will run up so FREEBIE backing papers for  you all!

Happy Crafting everyone!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tellen's Place Challenge

Isn't she just fab.. and yes you can use her this week at Tellen's Place Challenge... Nip over there to get all the details of the Challenge.

Here is my card...

I used two colours of string to match in with her.. some blue ribbon and a gem... along with some silver trimming and glitter... how can we not have glitter!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just Christmas and Birthday Cards DT Call

DT Call at the lovely Just Christmas and Birthday Cards....They are looking for 3 more designers to go with the rest of their lovely team.. so I have thrown caution to the wind and thought.. Go For It!  You never know till you try do you!

They have asked for two cards that you are most pleased with.. and no doubt like everyone else..this is where the struggle comes in!  My first card below is yes just one card, but a Memory Card that I made for my lovely God-mother to give to her mother who was 100!

Sadly at the time when I photographed it.. I never thought I would use it for a chance to get on a DT... so not the best of photography!

Obviously the front...  but the second picture I know I did stood up like that so I could show the back and front together.  I sent these photos to my God-mother to see if she liked it.  All the photographs are of her mother through her years and the verse if you click on the pictures is beautiful... I know I should say.. but I did write that for her too.
Sadly I didn't take a photo of the lovely envelope that I made for it.. I lined it and decorated it too.

Just wanted to put this up... this is Newty as I have always called her now.. taken on her 101st Birthday... isn't she stunning!  

Now for my second card.. ooo this is hard... but I think I have to go for one that I made recently..

If you want to read up on this one.. it is all posted HERE... 

Well lastly.. thanks for looking.. and good luck to all those that are apply :)

Wish me luck lol......

Oh Nooooooo

I made these two little cards.. yes they may seem rather plain.. but I made the backing papers for them... and I am so pleased with them...  but can I find a challenge to show them off with.. nope.. not yet anyway...

But oh well..  here they are...

This really cute image came from Pollycraft... one of her freebies..

I thought the papers I made went really well... I had coloured the images already then thought.. Mmm what paper.. let's make them lol..

If you like them.. email me and I will be more than happy to send them to you!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Here they are....

These are the papers I have been working on today... 

Spring.... Summer.... Autumn and Winter......this is just a small section of each paper... and I am so excited about doing them... so if you want a chance to win this set of Seasonal Backing Papers.. then keep and any on Tellen's Place for her Challenges!

So what do you think of them... not bad for my first set!  I can only get better.. don't you agree?


What a day... I have been creating, designing and having a ball... oh yeah .. sorry a lovely set of Digi Background Papers!

They are of the four seasons.. Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.

I have done these for one lucky winner who will take part in Tellen's Place Challenge.  I am not sure which Challenge it will be.. so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for it!

Autumn... beautiful brown and cream with leaves falling.

Winter.. stunning green with embossed holly, red berries and Merry Christmas through it.

Spring... mellow yellow.. with wonderful dafodils and grasses..

Summer.. vibrant pink with flowers and leaves...

So if you want a chance to win.. keep an eye on Tellen's Place..

NEW BLOG - The Freebie Gatherers!

Got to tell you about this new great blog... yes.. it is a blog that has started to go around the net finding Freebies for us crafters.

It won't just cover card crafting but all types!  So why not go over and take a look... I will be putting my freebies on there... if you have some.. then contact them and they will put yours on too with a link back to your site!  Free advertising.. even better!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wow Impressed!

I know that I should not be impressed with myself.. but I am...!!

Taking the FREEBIE Backing Paper I made.. I printed that off... then put the paper (well I used cream card) back in the printer and then printed the Freebie Tag over the top of it!  Came out like a dream!  

But I didn't stop there.. with cutting out I was left with such tiny scraps of printed paper and I do hate waste... I got all my little punches out.. flowers, butterflies and swirls and punched away... I now have loads.. and seeing as the paper is multi coloured .. it will go with loads of things... 

Give it a go!

FREEBIE - Backing Paper

Well I am into giving FREEBIES at the moment aren't I!!  

If you would like this backing paper (without my name printed all over it of course! ) please leave me a comment so I know where to go to find your email address and it will be sent direct to you in pdf format.  Maybe you would also like to become a follower and keep up with the FREEBIES to come!

Happy Crafting and don't forget to link back to me when you have done your creation as I would love to see it in good use... Thanks for looking!   


T1 With Banner Blog

FREEBIE - Tags...

Ok.. another night that I am awake.. so thought I would make up some tags.... always handy to have around this time of year.  When wrapping up the Christmas pressies... or popping on a card...

Great for those of us who don't have the large tag punches.. I do have one... but I don't always want the same shape!

Why not print off on your card a pattern of your choice then put the card back in the printer and print this sheet off... and hey presto.. all you have to do is cut and decorate how you like.

Please if you do take a copy.. please leave me a message.. I would also like to see what you create.. so post on your blog and link back.. always great to see what you make ... Happy Crafting and enjoy!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tellen's Place

I just wanted to share with you all again.. and of course remind those that have already read about Tellen's Place...

It is run by a wonderful kind hearted woman called Terry.. her son Markus does the graphics that can be purchased at their Etsy store...and of course Terry along with her DT do the cards.  You can also find her Etsy store on the right hand side of my blog.. yes over there some where ------>>>>

Take a moment out of  your day to click on the title which will take you to her blog... she will be starting a challenge on the 18th Nov with a FREEBIE image.. and it is well worth nabbing and entering.

Have fun there.. she is really lovely!

Bee Crafty Colour Challenge and Allsorts and Pollycraft Challenges

OOO well I made the template for this hanger ... it is actually a FREEBIE here on my blog... 

And I saw this lovely challenge at Bee Crafty.. so thought wow.. this sort of fits.. so have entered it... 

Also as I nipped over to ALLSORTS.. they had for a child... and thought perfect.. :)

Still looking around I see that it will also go for Pollycrafts Challenge.... no cards yay!

I made this with my little beautiful niece in mind.. she is nearly 8 and when her wonderful mummy passed away we built a room in our house for her as we were converting it at the time.  Her room is purple with splashes of pink.. so thought this would be lovely to go on her door :)

I used an embossed wallpaper here and sprayed it with some shimmer copper paint that I mixed up.... then made the flower.. stamped Tilda was painted with water-colours and the little purple heart.. I made that with plaster and then painted and varnished it.  The brad in the centre of the big flower I just put some glue on and added some multi glitter.

Thank you for taking the time to look.. and if you do use the template I made.. I would love to see what you create.. so link it back to your comment.. Just think how cute they would be for Christmas.. or Get Well.. Thinking of You.. oh so many things....Have a great weekend! 

Daring Card Makers.... Scraplings ... Play Date Cafe 004 Challenge - JUGS Challenge.

This week over at Daring Card Makers they are asking everyone to make something with their bits of scrap cards etc... hence the name SCRAPLINGS!

Here is my little creation...  Made from a scrap piece of card, I embossed and then stamped a little tbag image and water coloured that in.. added some glitter and edged the card... but I also did the back.. so if seen from all angles it does really look like a cup!

The colours for Play Date Cafe Challenge this week...

It also fits in for JUGS Challenge.. which is dry embossing...

Hope you like it and if you do leave me a message lol.. why not take a look at the rest of my site..HERE


I couldn't resist putting in a picture  of the lead crystal frame I got for my hubby for our Anniversary today!!

FREEBIE - Mug Template

Well it is my Anniversary today... and it is always nice to make cards that are a little out of the norm isn't it!  I have made a really cute mug card that I will photograph tomorrow and put on here....

Anyway... here is another Freebie.. yep!  Another on... a Mug Template...

Please if you do take this template ... leave me a message and do nip back and show me what you have created with a link back to your blog.

Also if you do like my freebies.. maybe you would like to start following me :) Thanks and enjoy... oh and do check out my other freebies!

I just made an adjustment to this mug as I didn't like it lol.. but think it is better now!

FREEBIE ~ Door Hanger

With Christmas coming up and many of us looking at how to save a few pennies, I thought I would do a template for a door hanger.  I made this on an A5 sheet... so when you print it out it should be ok.... but then I say this and I am upstairs in my bedroom on my laptop and not printed one out myself yet!  Yes another night I can't sleep!

But this would be great to give a child ... fully decorated ...for Christmas or Birthday.. or even an every day gift! 

Please if you do take this.. leave a message and of course please link back with your blog photo so I can see what you created.  Thanks for looking and enjoy :)

You can print direct from this screen... it will come out ok.. I promise ! 

Friday, November 13, 2009

Wedding Photo Change!

Just thought I would change the look of two of our wedding photos... one to black and white and one to sepia... what do you think?

I have put one of them in a lead crystal photo frame for him for our Anniversary....


The one below I have given him! Seems so long ago now.. well is 11 years!


My Anniversary...

OOoo... 11 years tomorrow... married for 11  years... wow where does the time go!

I am going to cook a lovely dinner and a nice gooooey cake lol   well have to have something to keep my child bearing hips as they are... not that I am at child bearing age anymore lol

Have to find a nice photo of my husband and I to put in it now and wrap it up... bbl :)  Happy Crafting All

FREEBIE ~ Blank Theatre Tickets...

Crafty Cardz Theatre Tickets Blank 09

Deflated :((

Well what a day... not sure I really want to be crafting anymore.. maybe a couple of days off and I will feel better.

Sometimes I wonder why we cross paths with some people.. and why we let them affect our lives so much... but this is life isn't it!  Life is odd how you can be so happy one moment and then not the next!  How we can be judged and yet not even known..... this is really sad... I know that none of you have any idea what I am prattling on about... maybe I am just really cross with myself for allowing someone who you think is nice to make snide remarks and basically make me out to be a bad person... and me not doing anything.. just goes to show.. I am not a mean person... what goes around comes around I guess...Karma they call it isn't it.... I am just so disappointed....

On a more cheery note.. got my daughter a couple of things towards her Christmas stocking today.... she never lets me down.. always has a smile.. I can't wait to see her soon.

Sorry all.. not normally feeling so miserable.. tomorrow is a new day isn't it!  

Be Happy Everyone.. cause you never know when someone is going to spoil it for you!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Circle Card Sketch

Why not give it a go...

Why not give it a go and post your finished card here.... for all of us to see.

If you balance the embellishments just right the card will stand straight.

Sketch 3

A sketch to try out.. this time of year I have seen so many square cards.. thought it might be nice to bring the DL back in lol...

Give it a go.. would love to see your finished cards if you follow this sketch!


Well sadly today hasn't been a great day... but hopefully I will get a nice card made later.. 

I love making cards.. takes my mind off things... my appointment with the Orthopaedic Surgeon is looming and well.. who likes appointments... but would be great one day to think I won't be in pain.. hey ho.. they are sadly worse people out there suffering more than myself.

Please if you get the chance .. visit the last two posts.. Peechy Keen Stamps and JUGs.. they are both running good causes at the moment.

Well my moment of sitting is up.. gets too painful if I sit here for too long.. so bbl with an idea for crafting a card hopefully.

Don't forget to check out Tellen's Place.. she is starting a Challenge soon and you don't want to miss out do you!

Oh do check out my Tips Section and Envelopes.. I do try to add there when I can.  I always thought.. people make these lovely cards .. what do they put them in. lol

Hope you all took the time to look at the Easel Tutorial.. if you made any cards.. I would love to see them... it is always lovely to see others hard work.

Peechy Keen Stamp - Card for Noah

Please nip along and see what Peechy Keen Stamps are doing for this lovely boy.. you can get his address from their site.

Heart wrenching..

More information on little NOAH.

MUST SEE! Special on at JUGS

This is so heart warming.. please nip over there to see the challenge that they have on and how to raise money for a lovely Anderson family...more on their blog.. please read it.


Envelope for Easel Tutiorial

Just added the envelope for the Easel Tutorial Card I added on here... just click HERE for the Envelope section... hope it all works out for you.. would love to see some of your envelopes when you have made them along with your Easel cards :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tellen's Place CHECKI IT OUT!

Girls just wanna have fun! -- Cindi Lauper (singer)

What's new and exciting at Tellen's Place? A fabulous Design Team and fun new challenges!
That's right! Starting Wednesday, November 18th, the first TPDT will launch a delightful fun challenge that you won't want to miss! Why? Because it's going to be loads of fun, great designs and challenges by the design team with some yummy blog candy that will include cool embellishments, ribbon, designer papers, crocheted flowers, card kits, craft kits and more! All you'll need to do is become a follower of Tellen's Place! AND -- if you recommend someone and they follow along, YOU'll be entered into a special blog candy for doing so! How exciting is that? So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Tellen's Place and get ready for some FUN!!

Here's a sneak peak at our first upcoming challenge and freebie image:

Well you know what is even better... if you nip along to the store.. TELLEN'S STORE you can purchase some of their fantastic designs for your crafting!


Just want to let you know that Tellen's Place has a new design team.. go check them all out!

Terry (Who owns the blog..The Boss lol)  Tellen's Place
So much going to be going on.. you must nip over there and take a look!  She has some fantastic Digi art... watch out for the Freebies too!  Join in the Challenges..

Jeri from Crafty J's Place 
and Lynda from Blackdragons' Crafts

Why not take a moment to nip over to their sites and say hello... 

Christmas Easel Card

How easy is it to get hooked up with making easel cards!!

Here is a another little one I made up... the image is from..Tales from Pollycraft..  cute little thing isn't she.


As usual I used water-coloured paints and glitter.. got to have a little bit of glitter no matter what the time of year it is! 

They are just so quick to make up... when I do the envelopes for these I will post it in my envelope section for you all.

Monday, November 9, 2009

How To Easel Card


I have wanted to make one of these for a while now.. so thought while I make one.. why not do one as a tutorial to share with others who haven't ever made one before.  I have also added this to the Saturday's Challenge.. for easel cards..

Also I have added it to Simon Says Challenge.

I gathered together...

Ink pads
Pearl touch
Rubber Stamp

1.  Your base card stock should be approx 21 cm x 10.5 cm  (8.5 in x 4.3 in)

2.  Fold this at 10.5 cm ( 4.3 in - so in half) and then again at 15.8 cm.. (6.4 in approx - so that will be one side in half again).

3.  Cut a square of approx 15. 5 cm x 10.5cm ( 6.2 in x 4.3 in - using the same base card stock.

4.  Cut a piece of your paper to 10 cm x 10 cm. (4 in x 4 inch)

5.  Ink all the edges of the square matt the paper and then stick together.

6. Stamp your image on to your scrap card, paint and glitter.

7.  Stick your square matt to the base card.

8.  Measure your smaller paper to 10.5 cm x 6 cm   (4.3 in x 2.6 in) and ink all edges.  Add your ribbon.

9.  Stick this to the bottom on your card on the inner side.

10.  Add your glittered stamped image and a daisy or what ever you like.  You can see that I have used a daisy along with the pearl drops.

It is then ready to give to that someone special!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  

Don't forget to check the Envelope section as I have added the size and directions to make one just for this Easel card!

Crafty Card Cards... Selection